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21 October 2009

Hating on Perks

With the upcoming release of COD:MW2 numerous complaints and attacks have been directed at Infinity Ward regarding their ability to correct perks from COD4. This game is not out yet so the people accusing are most likely idiots.But still, I thought I would include some of these issues and whether or not they have had a step or two towards perk retribution. Please note these are not necessarily problems I have, but the problems of the general community.

Martyrdom - People have a problem with this because they can't help but get annoyed at a perk that releases a grenade from the ass upon death for some unsuspecting noob to walk over. A perk that takes "no skill" and rewards death is seen as n00b, but who can resist the chance of dying only to be confronted by a nice +30 because of your good friend sonic boom. So far this perk has no news but an exciting "It's [Martyrdom] treated differently. And I will say this -- it fits in perfectly.".

Stopping Power/Juggernaut - The age old debate of which is the "cheapest" perk. You will hear a plethora of different ideas, such as Juggy is for people that can aim, whereas SP is for sprayers. In a 1v1 fight these perks are perfectly equal the game is literally told to cancel both perks, but Juggy helps in a few extra situations. These include Airstrike, Helis and weapons that do 50 damage. So Juggy does take the crown of cheapness, but unfortunately for the complainers, both these perks will be starring in the sequel.

Last Stand - According to our numerous sources, Last Stand has been reported to give you 15 seconds full immunity as well as increased bullet damage and the power to control time. Once again it looks like our sources have been pure and undiluted noob. Last Stand does give you immunity, but only while the animation from standing to Last Stand is active, which is much less than a second. No word as of yet about the fate of Last Stand in future games.

These are the perks that are most complained about, and the ones that receive the most criticism. If you disagree or want to add something, comment and someone will get back to you.

- Olly
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