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21 July 2010

Blue perks


Sleight of Hand Pro > 120 kills using sleight of hand to unlock pro
Sleight of Hand > 50% reload speed
Sleight of Hand Pro > faster aiming down sights

Sleight of Hand (SoH) is useful on just about any class, and if you ever can’t decide, this is the perfect choice. Reloading in half the time means you can always have a full mag, but can sometimes lead to careless ammo consumption. Consider using it if you plan to be around the enemy a lot, as multiple foes won’t be a problem. For the ultimate combination, unlock extended magazines and you’ll be able to slaughter the other team seven times over… maybe. SoH pro lets you aim down the sights faster, who enjoys quick scoping? (not me) Well this is he perk you need. SoH pro can be useful, mainly for a run and gunner, because at range or if you are stationary you normally have plenty of time to look down the sights and aim..


Marathon Pro > sprint a marathon (26 miles) to unlock pro
Marathon > unlimited sprint
Marathon Pro > climb obstacles faster

This is the replacement for Extreme Conditioning, and it has definitely improved. Instead of double you know have unlimited sprint. Paired with lightweight, marathon will have you behind any lines before first blood. This means you can take enemies by surprise very early in the game, giving you a chance to get some kill streaks. If you are playing objective based game modes, marathon is a must, assuming you are going to cap/bomb run. Marathon pro is very helpful in certain maps, such as Favela, in which you will be climbing a lot. You can be very sneaky and quick if you have marathon pro.


One Man Army Pro > 120 kills using one man army to unlock pro
One Man Army > change classes on the go, takes 5 seconds, replaces secondary
One Man Army Pro > quicker class swapping, replaces secondary

To be honest I have only use One Man Army (OMA) a couple of times, I just find it a hassle to wait five seconds while you could be setting up your next kill. That being said, a lot of people like it and it does have a few unique uses. Stacking up equipment or infinite noob tubes is doable, though perhaps frowned upon. OMA pro cuts down the time it takes to change classes, so it is 2-3 seconds.


Scavenger Pro > resupply 100 times while using scavenger to unlock pro
Scavenger > resupply from dead enemies
Scavenger Pro > extra magazines

Scavenger takes bandoliers spot, and like marathon, it has been greatly improved. Although you don’t unlock extra mags until pro, it essentially the option you use if you find you’re running low on ammo a lot. Each time you pick up a scavenger pack you will receive ammo, grenades (equipment/launcher) and secondary ammo. If the enemy has a lot of air support in the sky, scavenger and a stinger go well together. Another thing, if you plan on using claymores or C4, definitely use scavenger. Each time one blows up you have another, and people keep coming back for revenge. Scavenger pro is pretty simple start with a LOT more ammo.


Bling Pro > get 200 kills using a blinged weapon to unlock pro
Bling > two primary weapon attachments
Bling Pro > two secondary attachments

Pretty simple, allows you to have two attachments on you primary weapon. If you’re not comfortable with the iron sights of a gun but want a stealth class, perfect. Red dot/holographic/ACOG/thermal with a silencer. Iron sights are easy, going ultra stealthy. Silencer + heartbeat sensor. You can make so many different combinations that is always has it use. Once you unlock pro you have a new range of attachments to pick from. Just please, go easy on the 1887 bling.
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