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15 November 2009

Borderlands - Boss Tips

  Below is some tips to take out some of the bosses in Borderlands.
   I hope this helps, I did not write all of these and would like to pass some of the credit to Kad.

KILLING NINE-TOES(and his 3 balls)
-Attack him with your fastest firing, most accurate weapon
-kill him quick enough and the skags wont be a problem
-Take too long and u get attacked by 2 strongs skags and nine-toes... don't take too long

-He has a shot gun stay away from him.
-His Melee is very strong stay further away
-Go through the left Door
-Shoot him in the face for crits and a fast kill
-Static weapons or a static artifact will kill that hefty shield of his fast but after that change to a normal weapon or a fire weapon for the killing shots.

-Drive in with a rocket runner, lock onto the outlanders and drive in circles trying to crush the non-vehicle units that spawn. Just keep Firing and then lock onto the next outlander vehicle.
-When you die and respawn as most people do hopefully u have killed all the walking lackeys just run to the edge of the ramp but don't jump down. Fire away and hide when your shield drops. Congrats you win.

-Just run to each safe point. I generally go left first and up and around.
-If he is in his turret then hide and kill his goombas.
-If not get up there and fire away just make sure u stay near a hiding spot just in case.

-Pretty straight forward kill his goons.
-2 very powerful unique goons attack. One Melee and one range shoot them in the face to crits and stay away. You cant snipe them too well because they are fast so use an smg or revolver or rifle.
-Baron himself is a jerk. Strong shield and strong gun. Its a shotgun type weapon but he is easier to snipe than his unique goons are. If all else fails shoot him and pray hes dead before u bleed to death.

-Easiest boss around lots of health with weak rakks to boot. Shoot him in the eyes for crits
-If u get low on ammo collect some from the rakks.
-Stay away from it :)
- Rakk that will periodically swoop down at you, be on the lookout for this.

-To kill the Mothrakk just jump in a machine gun runner, jump out, light the 3 torches, jump in, lock on and fire away while driving in circles. Everyone has problems with this guy but hes uber easy when you fight him as described above.
-There is also a nearby 'Catch A Ride' station that you can hide under for cover.

-The large tentacles are pretty much useless don't worry about them.
-The smaller tentacles have a be bulbous area shoot it to kill them ASAP.
-When he flicks his tongue out shoot him in the mouth for crits.
-When he charges his eye run for cover
-The blue/purple tentacles will always kill you if you aren't careful

There is some more tips Below.
Basic Tips Guide

Advanced Tips Guide
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