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07 November 2009

Borderlands - Basic Tips Guide

Hey all I thought I would chuck up a simple basic tips guide for Borderlands. Nothing too deep just some things that everyone can use whether you're a pro or not. We will be putting some more in depth guides for borderlands up later including a Skagzilla how to.

These are in no particular order.

  • Always keep an eye on your health, it can be very frustrating having to repeat half the quest again if you have died multiple times.
  • Constantly use your special ability when suitable, you can gain a huge advantage over your opponents by using your special ability.
  •  Take advantage of the elemental damage that your weapons do, shock damage takes out shields incredibly quickly.
  • Critical hits. Work out the critical spot on each of your enemy's and you will be taking them out so much quicker. The Badass creatures can be taken out a lot easier if you know where to shoot them.
  • The markers that lead you to your quest objective are not always dead on accurate, in a lot of cases there is a small radius around the waypoint that needs to be searched. Sometimes when looking for hidden objectives you need to be creative, ex. Looking up on top of buildings and not just on the ground or in trash can.
  • Broken Claptrap quests give +3 bag slot items. If you collect them all you will get 42 slots in total and an achievement.
  • When you have spare cash make sure you upgrade and fill all your ammo allocations so if you run out ammo for your preferred weapon and aren't near a shop you can still defend yourself with something you have picked up. Keep buying ammo to complete the buying items challenge, as it is an easy and quite cheap way to get experience as well as keeping you well armed. 
  • As you complete missions check if you have any others in the area that you can complete do so you don't have to keep going back, this saves an incredible amount of time, you can finish multiple missions and register completion of all of them at the same time.
  • There are quite literally millions of different guns in Borderlands. If you are not using a weapon all the time sell it to keep the slot open, as you progress in the game you will always pick up something to equal or better it and there is a experience challenge for selling items as well.
  • Sometimes more powerful weapons are not better, reload speed and rate of fire count for a lot and the more bullets you can fire the more damage you can do.
  • You can take cars through the portal areas. This took a surprising amount of time to work out...
  • Every time you restart the game, any lockers/bins/toilets etc are filled backup with cash/ammo. This also goes for the major bosses, if you want to get some good rare items or just some extra xp this works well.

Thanks to everyone who else who helped accumulate the list. I will add to it more and more as I think of new ones.

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Written by Steve

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